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Sobre Mí
Etienne was born in Zwolle, the Netherlands. As a little boy he grew up in the catering business of his parents. After high school he  decided to follow the training of catering entrepreneur. After years of working as manager in various restaurants and hotels, he started to work at well known brands like Monster Energy and Coca Cola where he was responsible for the whole of the Netherlands, together with a team of 6 account managers. Before he and his family left for Spain, he worked for 4 years at the family distillery Hooghoudt. Here he had the challenge to make the traditional Dutch drink Jenever popular again which along with his collegues they made it after 4 years. Etienne speaks English and Dutch, he loves a challenge and has 8 years experience in sales, he always looks for a solution and is a strong believer in meeting his clients requirements. His goal is to help those who wish to make their dream of building a life here come true. If you are looking for good advice and help with the search of a home in Spain from someone who has personal experience in emigrating with a family, Etienne will be happy to help. If you are looking to sell your property Etienne has the experience and know how to make it work for you.